I recognize that the trend in the retail & floral industry is to go “big-box” & online.

You will find that I have chosen a different path. I strive to offer a value beyond that you can find online and the convenience stores can offer. I offer unique high quality flowers & arrangements that are personally designed with your unique characteristics in mind.

I provide high-quality and fresh flowers that will last beyond the typical convenience store life of a day or two at your home. I offer customized services to meet your unique tastes.  Your arrangement will not be the same as the other 50 arrangements on display at the big-box store.  I hope you will come into my flower design space to experience the uniqueness, joy and beauty that flowers naturally exude.

As the owner of Beno’s Flowers & Gifts, I have over 5-years of experience in the florist, retailing & events industry, having owned my own business previously in Mexico. Please stop by and experience the celebration of life that I hope you will take part in with me.